And we haven't forgotten that we owe you a parade-of-homes tour
of your "completely" remodeled "non-Brady Bunch", "non-house
house". We love it. It's so light, bright & like living outdoors!
-Debra & Randy St. Pierre

I'd like to share with you some thoughts about having Marilyn
Hinrichs as my listing agent. So much was above and beyond her
job description that I can heartily recommend her to all my friends.
Bringing lunch on moving day was just on of many kindnesses!
Having my trash hauled away after the moving van left was another.
Your office is lucky to have her!
-Annett Howard

Thank you for all your efforts in marketing, negotiating and closing
the property and 208 Via Mesa Grande in Hollywood Riviera. Your
diligence and attention to detail gave me confidence that we were
ultimately going to have a smooth and timely close of escrow. I would
not hesitate to recommend you to any who seek to buy or sell real
estate who would want to almost enjoy a process that for most people
can be very stressful.
-Dan Dawson

This was our first experience buying a home since 1975, and I want
to let you know about our great experience with our representative
Marilyn Hinrichs. She did more than I thought we could ever expect
a realtor to do on behalf of her client. She accommodated our unique
criteria of home possibilities and conveniently met us on our schedule.
She was very patient and informative to my mother, who always likes
someone helping her with decisions. I felt comfortable with her at all
times that she was looking out for our best interest. She never gave
us a hint of impatience and was generous with her time. I felt enough
trust for her during our journey that I felt I needed her by our side
during every escrow and financial decision.
-Chris and Sara Abbott

Thank you so much for all of your efforts during the last few months. I
cannot tell you how much we appreciate everything – from driving us
around to searching for our new home, to having all those open houses
for our old home, to arranging the stay at the PV inn, and everything in
-Fred Chow & Cheryl Oshiro

You were an absolute gift from GOD! We were in the throes of so
much emotion and turmoil. I'm sure we would still be wrestling with
selling Dad's place if it hadn't been for you. Your calm, professional
manner coupled with your genuine caring made all of the difference.
We had thought of at least 6 other real estate agents but NONE OF
THEM had your insight, experience, professionalism and support of

You made a wrenching decision a positive experience, and I will
always be grateful to you. And then with my own situation, selling the
condo and trying to find a house, well…what can I say? Through it all,
you were always there for me, and now, here I am in my own home!
It took more than 30 years, but you got me my dream. Words are but a
token of my appreciation.
-Chris Vanderleest